1h 2019


In Las Vegas, Gabrielle, Jennie, Brian, Jason, Tori and Ian will be participating in a fan convention celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990). Concerning what is happening in their current lives, some are looking forward to it while others are dreading it. In terms of their costars, some who they have not seen in years, there is the same dichotomy of excitement to see some and utter disdain in seeing others in that on screen camaraderie being solely that, on screen. Unspoken, they all would probably agree that they miss Luke and similarly grateful that Shannen decided not to participate. What happens at the convention ends up being a heightened version of what they were each expecting, which leads to each taking what they see as opportunities to make the experience better. It is something that Tori initiates that leads to the collective gaining some notoriety, the publicity some who have not experienced in years. What happens in Las Vegas ends up making its way back to the issues in their private lives at home. But from that notoriety, Tori believes she has an answer to her problems, the answer which she now has to convince the others.

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